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 Minotaur Project, 2012 SFSB

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Fecha de inscripción : 22/02/2010
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Localización : Barcelona

MensajeTema: Minotaur Project, 2012 SFSB   Mar Ene 24, 2012 1:54 pm

San Francisco School of Biodanza
Minotaur Project, 2012
February 17,18,19 2012
10am (starting at 11am) - Sunday 5pm

Hills Camp, Mount Veeder, Napa, CA

With ANGELINA PEREIRA, Director of the São Paulo School of

by Belisa Amaro, Director of the San
Francisco School of Biodanza.

Designed for Biodanza students
with minimum 1 year of vivencia
experience, this workshop is based on the Greek-Roman myth, Minotaur. It takes
participants to connect with their original impulses (instincts) and face their

The fear is an instinctive reaction to natural danger and is
linked with our responses of fight and flight. Fears are, therefore, a
mechanism of survival.

In Western cultures, however, human behavior has been
progressively affected by fictitious fears that have been perverting our innate
wisdom. The fear of “loosing time”, i.e., can distort the instinct of hunger or
the resting instinct. These fabricated fears deeply affect our most human basic
functions, from breathing to reaching an orgasm, from walking to loving.

The Minotaur Project takes in consideration the systemic
relationship between our personal/cultural histories and our fears. It works
with challenges proposed to participants to help them go beyond the barriers of
their fears, which limit their growth.

the facilitator:

Pereira is a social worker specialized in health and gerontology. She is the
co-director of the São Paulo School of Biodanza, Brazil, and is a member of the
International Biocentric Foundation Scientific Council. Angelina has done
extensive work in Social Services since the 80’s, working towards the
development of human potential and improvement of quality of life for
populations at risk and low-income groups.

Limited space for 26! $400 for SFSB Second Cycle, $450 for other

your $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve your spot. Final payment is
due February 3 (post-dated checks will be accepted).

Market Street, Suite 1146

Francisco, CA 94102
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Minotaur Project, 2012 SFSB
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